I like long walks on the beach.


I prefer quiet afternoons in my room, doing absolutely nothing for hours. On some days when I’m feeling productive, I exercise the mind by daydreaming instead.

I’m turning 21 in July and I’m still stuck in the same awkward stage I was in at 14 years old. I’m horrible at small talk and my mum is probably the only person who finds me funny (in a good way).

I’m opinionated and a lazy introvert who enjoys stimulating conversations with close friends and reading books that make me feel smarter. I also like to write.

I’m not sure what you can expect out of this blog. I’ve shut down my old one and started this as a clean slate. “You’re 20 years old now,” I whispered to myself.
So no more teenage rants, that’s a promise.

Unless I absolutely-positively need to do so. Which is basically all the time, at least.

Everything on this site is inspired by thoughts I randomly have throughout the week. With that being said, there is no specific genre to describe my blog, because it is cluttered and all over the place – which perfectly describes my state of mind.

Politics, activism, opinions and most of the time, you’ll come across something personal. I’m clearly a girl with a lot to say.

So brace yourselves and happy reading!


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