I’m Really Bad With Titles So Screw This

Thanks to the beautiful celebration that is Thaipusam, we had a public holiday on Thursday. And with Fridays already off for me, it made for a nice and long weekend.

The holiday came just in time, thankfully. My grandmother had quite a nasty fall early this week and bruised almost her entire left side and so she came to stay with us for a few days. She forced me to finish up this one assignment I have been procrastinating for weeks, which is a good thing since I haven’t had anyone force me to do my school work .. Ever. Feels good.

Funny thing, I discovered she enjoys TV series about superheroes. I convinced her to start watching The Flash with me and it’s safe to say she’s addicted. She’s dying to know who the Yellow Flash is. Lol. It always fascinates me when old people talk about these kind of things. I’m also really glad I got to spend time pampering her. Sometimes I don’t realize just how much I love her.

My grandmother is a fascinating woman. Although you probably won’t see that unless you’re family. She is the eldest of 11 siblings. She left school early because she needed to work to support her family. Her mother, a superwoman herself, took on a heavy load when her husband passed away. Can you believe how difficult that must’ve been? To support 11 children (all one year apart) by yourself at that time? And my grandmother told me how sad she was to have left school, but did it because she had to. I get upset just thinking about it and all the other things they had to sacrifice. But then she met my grandfather who made her happy during all the years they were married to one another until the day he passed away. Words cannot describe how much I treasure the two of them.

Anyway, back to more serious talk. My brother has a new girlfriend. She’s alright. Okay fine, she’s nice. Those of you who know me well ( which is literally NONE of you reading this cause the blog is hidden from my friends), know that I have been very picky about the girls my brother chooses to spend his time with – especially since they could very well be the women he spends the rest of his life with. Also because he’s gullible, innocent and my LITTLE brother.

He’s 21.

Her name is Brenda and she is my favorite so far. I actually really like her. It’s just, I don’t know.. He will always be my little brother and it’s really hard to see your little brother hug other girls like ‘that’, or go to the corner with them to hang out and get all touchy-feely, or see him watch movies with her instead of you anymore. I’m not clingy, it’s just… He’s my LITTLE brother. I fought boys who bullied him in school – physically, by the way. I gave one of his teachers, who also happened to be my teacher FYI, a mouthful when she spoke about him in class. I’m very overprotective and I don’t know how to tell my mother this without her thinking I’m crude and possessive. You see, I just want what is best for him. He’s growing up now and he has his own beard too.

Still a little boy to me.

Some of you are probably coming to the realization that I might need professional help letting him go from the clutches of my very skinny arms. I agree. So if you know anyone, send them this way.

And now I must leave to write that darn report I was supposed to do on Friday but chose to watch re-runs of the Flash with my grandmother instead. I will pay the heavy price for that this coming Thursday, the day before the report is due.

Ugh, this is so unlike me. I’m usually the one who finishes first, about a few days in advance AT LEAST. But not this semester. This time, I’m somehow the laziest I have ever been in all my four years in college. Motivation is lost in me. I might make missing fliers so it may find it’s way home to me again.

I hate, hate, hate how I need to beg my friends to Skype with me to keep me in check so I don’t end up disappearing five minutes in to go listen to songs for two hours, all the while imagining myself doing something I would never be doing in real life – like speaking in front of class voluntarily. Sometimes I’d imagine a reality where I didn’t have a resting bitch face too.

So, that’s it for now. I am not looking forward to another 10 am class tomorrow.